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Back In Shape Chiropractic Wellness Center provides acupuncture in Rockford, IL. Acupuncture is a traditional medicine with roots in ancient cultures spanning the globe. Modern techniques have evolved the practice to address serious chronic and acute pain without the need of invasive procedures. Many people associate acupuncture with the popular needle methods, but there are other varieties and they are equally effective. It is the perfect complement to our chiropractic treatments.

Acupuncture includes:

● Acupuncture Points—The core of acupuncture revolves around stimulating and alleviating specific points along the body. In traditional Chinese medicine, these points deal directly with the flow of qi, or energy, throughout the body. Pain occurs when qi is thrown out of balance. In order to restore balance, acupuncture points must be stimulated using needles, pressure, cupping, heat, or even lasers. Treatment plans can last several weeks in order to maximize effect.

● Different Styles—Needles are the most conventional form of acupuncture. They are placed superficially at certain locales, just under the skin. Our needles are guaranteed sterile and crafted from high-quality materials. If needles are not your thing, we can offer acupressure and other forms of manual therapy. Cupping and heat exposure has proven to be just as effective when handled properly. We certainly have a treatment style that will work for you.

● Ailments Treated—Like chiropractic, acupuncture is good for treating chronic pain, acute injury, stress, migraines, anxiety, digestive function improvement, and can provide an energy increase. The treatment affects your musculoskeletal, nervous, and circulatory systems in a positive manner. Few holistic treatments have survived modern medicine. Acupuncture has stood the test of time because it continually provides results.

We encourage people to explore acupuncture as an effective treatment alternative to conventional therapies. Speak to our friendly staff to learn more about this ancient secret!

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