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Back In Shape Chiropractic Wellness Center offers quality chiropractic care in Rockford, IL. Chiropractic treatments have gained momentum in recent years as a viable alternative to conventional medicine. Its popularity can be attributed to a combination of efficacy and holistic wellness. People have long sought a way to avoid taking costly pharmaceuticals and going under the knife. Our treatments include manipulation and an individually tailored exercise plan to fit your needs. We are a comprehensive pain center!

Chiropractic care includes:

● Manipulation—Manipulation is a unique therapy whereby a doctor will treat chronic pain or an acute injury by effectively stretching the afflicted area. In practice, this means forcibly moving the joint past its normal range of motion and allowing better flexibility. This action often provides immediate, and lasting, pain relief. Those interested in this holistic method, you should know risks are minimal and the results are tremendous.

● Injury Specialist—If you have recently been diagnosed with an acute musculoskeletal injury, we can provide a positive alternative to conventional medicine. Doctors often refer patients to chiropractors in hopes they can avoid invasive surgical procedures. This is because our methods are capable of producing results without attacking your anatomy. Whiplash, sports injuries, and other painful ailments can all be treated effectively.

● Back Pain Relief—The stresses of modern life can express themselves through chronic pain in the back and neck. These areas are vitally important, and are most likely to be affected by poor posture, too much time at a desk, and other stressful scenarios. Chiropractic bucks this trend by loosening up the ball of tight muscles and allowing the nerves to return to a normal, painless state. With a few months of treatment, and a regular stretching plan, you can return to a pain-free life.

Chiropractic care is a natural wellness therapy capable of treating a variety of painful ailments. Ask if it is right for you!

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