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Back In Shape Chiropractic Wellness Center provides massage therapy in Rockford, IL. Massage therapy is used in conjunction with our other treatments to provide heightened healing and relaxation. Stress is a precursor to pain. Anytime we can reduce your stress through manual therapy, we are a step closer to providing lasting pain relief. We encourage a regular program of medical massage to complement our chiropractic treatment for acute injury.

Massage therapy includes:

● Relaxation—As stated, stress produces pain. This includes both physical and mental stress. For example, when you are mentally fatigued and stressed out from a long day at the office, your body will begin to tense up in the neck and back areas. This can cause nasty headaches and crippling back pain. Avoiding the issues will only make it worse! Seek immediate relaxation at our professional massage sanctuary!

● Therapeutic Massage—Massage therapy addresses vital needs of our musculoskeletal system. A combination of techniques can do everything from improving circulation to breaking down painful blocks of deep tissue. It is a highly recommended complement to chiropractic treatment because it helps the joints by addressing the surrounding muscles. Lucky for you, we provide everything you need under one roof!

● General Wellness—The best way to stay healthy is through preventative measures. You do not need to wait until you are in devastating pain to seek treatment. Regular massages have been proven to reduce the risk of injury and reduce chronic stress.

If you have never experienced massage therapy, you do not know what you are missing! Reach out today for a wellness treatment unlike any other!

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